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Some more tutorials

Pseudo code…

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Time travel: Fantasy?

Check out some videos on time travel theories.


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Browsers speed!

Source: Digital Trends

Firefox 4 Internet Explorer 9 Chrome 10 Opera 11

3.4 seconds 3.36 seconds 2.83 seconds 1.83 seconds

2.86 1.4 3.9 2.03

4.13 3.66 4.13 3.36
Digital Trends
3.53 3.9 3.53 2.83

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Do you remember Minority report?

M.I.T lab, on the minority report-look interface. We all agree that Tom Cruise looked cool doing it. Watch this video, it is even cooler:

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tungule the Next big thing!

Whether the founders are getting to ambitious, but they are promising the next big thing to Tanzanians. The intention is clear, simplifying everything plus reducing cost. Some projects are currently in development which potentially could be the most used applications in Tanzania; from educational applications to business and even entertainment applications.

The founders claim that they are in the early stages of the development. Potentially, tungule could become one the most leading gateway in Tanzania.


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Understanding MVC

Get a grasp of MVC architecture.

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