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tungule the Next big thing!

Whether the founders are getting to ambitious, but they are promising the next big thing to Tanzanians. The intention is clear, simplifying everything plus reducing cost. Some projects are currently in development which potentially could be the most used applications in Tanzania; from educational applications to business and even entertainment applications.

The founders claim that they are in the early stages of the development. Potentially, tungule could become one the most leading gateway in Tanzania.


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FireFox 4 is available!

With improved tab design, apps-tab firefox 4 has a very appealing user interface (Digital Trends). Though, it is not faster than Opera 11, but Mozilla claim firefox 4 to be 6 times faster than 3.6.


Firefox 4 theme windows

Digital Trends:

Firefox 4 is so nicely trimmed that there’s very little to dislike. It may not be the absolute fastest browser on the market, but with a wide variety of attractive additional features, intuitive controls and enough power and speed to help you plow through any task, it’s overall the most pleasurable browser to use.

For speed freaks: Yes, Chrome 10 still wins the race (as does Opera). Fortunately for Mozilla fans out there, the company says it plans to drastically increase its release schedule, and deliver three more major updates this year. If Mozilla can do that, then it has a shot at staying in the overall lead.


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tungule is still alive!!

Currently, we are facing some minor setbacks but we are very much alive. New things to come, so expect nothing else other than some new cool stuff.

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When the trial expires!!

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Kauli ya tungule: Ni msiba umetufika sote

Tungule inapenda kuwapa pole wahanga wote mabomu ya Gongo la Mboto. Nyakati kama hizi ni ngumu, hivyo tumuombe Mwenyezi Mungu atupe subira na uvumilivu. Mungu awaafu waliojeruhiwa wote, na awape moyo wa kusubiri ndugu waliofiwa.

Inasikitisha, inauma lakini ni wakati wakuungana pamoja kuwasaidia wahanga. Tuwachangieni kwa hali na mali.

Mungu Ibariki Tanzania, tubariki watoto wa Tanzania. Aamin!

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Wavuti ya Wizara ya teknolojia

Hii ni wavuti rasmi ya Wizara:

Mh. Prof. Makame Mbarawa (Waziri wa Mawasiliano, Sayansi na Teknolojia)

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